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Do you have prejudices about Chinese talents and employees? Working very hard, do not challenge anything that is asked from them and always want to eat Chinese food. And have you ever wondered that even if the Chinese work mentality is so different from the Dutch, it might still be a good investment to hire Chinese? During our Spring Event in Rotterdam the guest speakers and participants concluded that it is. Other experts cannot agree less, which you can read about in this issue of Dragons Quarterly.
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Nga Yau Wong
Editor in Chief

Interview: Winner of Dragons Business Award 2017 Jiahe Shengde Investment Holdings

By: Wenqing Liao

“Local integration helps us to grow our business in the Netherlands”

Jiahe Shengde Investment Holdings B.V. (“JSI”) was established in 2013. JSI decided to establish its European headquarter in the Netherlands because of the stable investment environment in the country and the well-developed judicial system. Being a young and dynamic Chinese-owned Dutch company, JSI has made excellent achievements and progresses during the last few years.​​

The added value of Chinese employees

By: Richard Spaans

China is everywhere nowadays. The country is opening up its economy and it is growing into the biggest force in the global economy. At the latest World Economic Forum in Davos it was Xi Jinping who was speaking of free trade instead of the Americans. This development brings even more Chinese students and employees to the Netherlands. The question rises how Dutch companies can benefit.

Event report: Dragons Café- Spring Networking Event

By: Yidong Tao

On 4 April 2017, Dragons Businessclub organized a Dragons Café event at Eau Lounge in Rotterdam. Nearly 50 guests attended it and enjoyed a pleasant evening. Mr. Igor Nuijten, secretary of Dragons Businessclub, started the event with a warm welcome to the guests. The theme of this night was the role that Chinese talents play in the Sino-Dutch business. Three guest speakers gave presentations closely focused on the theme, and followed by a panel discussion. On this special night, the winner of the Dragons Business Award 2017 was also announced.

Guest Column: My Chinese Travel experience

This guest column is written by Jakob Hollander, born in 1942 Veenendaal. He shares his travel adventures in China.

My first journey to China was by train in 2001 with a group of 15 people. We travelled to Beijing and already in the train I had my first experience with Chinese people. I was lucky enough to be invited by some guards in the train (as the only one) to have a meal together. After the meal they gave me Guizhou-Moutai (53%) drink and that marked my first experience with Guizhou.
The train trip was already an experience itself. It was a trip of 5 days. When we stopped at Ulaan Baatar (in Mongolia), I bought postcards and stamps, but the next stop was already in China. That was a problem, as I couldn’t post them because the stamps were not valid in China. Luckily enough, one of the Chinese guards, whom I sealed a friendship with through a Moutai drink, wanted to help by posting my postcards on his next journey to Mongolia. In another country I had the experience that the cards “went missing”. It was said that people would take the stamps and sold them. To my joy, my cards arrived in Holland after a half year.

Next event: Start Up China at B.Amsterdam on 27 June 2017

Our next event Start Up China is at B.Amsterdam on 27 June 2017.
B. Amsterdam is the biggest startup ecosystem in Europe. B. is a creative work space for innovation, education, and growth.
Key note speaker is Carl Rohde is professor Future Forecasting and Innovation.
He conducts the biggest trend research – the Cool City Hunt project- with 47 universities and about 10,000 students worldwide.
Register here to attend the event.


The summer holiday is at quite a while behind us and we gratefully reminisce a ‘splendid’ theatrical spectacle in the summer, but also a noble charity of last winter. Our charity host last year, Care4Tina wanted to give their thanks to our members due to a successful medical mission earlier this year spring. Let us gratefully rejoice these events and look forward to some more. In September we have celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival and continuing this autumn we would like to taste some nice beers with you at the Jopen Brewery. We strengthen our capacity to organise our annual Christmas Charity event as we are then also celebrating our 10th Anniversary. Happy reading and rejoicing!

Best regards,
Cy Cheung

Event Report: The Dragons Businessclub and SPLENDID

Dragons Businessclub began the summer with a theatrical event. The club and its members went to the Zuiderstrand Theater in The Hague.

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