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Taste the divine Jopen beer and visit the Brewery with Dragons Businessclub – 2 November


Wednesday 2 November 2016 at 17.00 h – Jopen Proeflokaal Waarderpolder  

Dear Dragons Businessclub members and relations,

Dragons Businessclub cordially invite you to our network event in Jopen Proeflokaal Waarderpolder Haarlem. Jopen Beer has a very long history of brewing beer in Haarlem and has expanded to China. The export manager of Jopen Beer, Mr. Erwin Klijn, will tell us about the history of the beer, the brewery process and Jopen’s activities. Mrs. Lu Chen, General Manager China of the award-winning design agency dBod/VBAT knows how to build a succesful design bridge between the creative world in the West and modern Chinese market and will give her insights on that.

After the presentations you can visit the Jopen Brewery with a guide (limited seating). We offer 2 shifts of approx. 30 minutes each.

During the event there will be plenty of time to network, to taste the divine Jopen beer and to have a nice dinner before heading home again.


17:00 Registration
17:30 Welcome by Mr. Atom Zhou, Chairman of Dragons Businessclub
17:35 Presentation by Jopen Export Manager Mr. Erwin Klijn
18:00 Tasting moment: Taste the Autumn Season with a glass of Jopen Bokbier
18:15 Presentation by Mrs. Lu Chen, General Manager China at dBOD/VBAT
18:45 Drinks and bites
Start guided tours in the Jopen Brewery
19:45 Lucky draw
20:00 Dinner buffet
21:15 Carriages

Admission: registration in advance is required!

Members of Dragons Businessclub: complimentary

Members of Guanxi or VNC: € 38.25 (15% discount)
Non-members: € 45.- per person
Without registration in advance: € 55.- per person at the door

In case you have registered but cannot attend, please let us know via e-mail ultimately on 31 October 2016 at 12.00 (noon). If you cancel your registration after this date or if you have not notified us that you are not able to attend this event before that date, we will charge you for incurred costs of € 55.- per person.


To attend the Dragons Businessclub Jopen Brewery Event, please register in advance before 31 October (noon) via this link.

Address, parking facilities and public transport
The address of Jopen Proeflokaal Waarderpolder is Emrikweg 21, 2031 BT Haarlem. There are sufficient parking spaces around the venue. Please note that public transport to and from the venue is limited, specifically in the evening hours. We recommend you to order a taxi to the trainstation after the event.

We look forward to welcoming you in the Jopen Brewery on 2 November!

With warm regards,
Dragons Businessclub

Chinese New Year event:
Double happiness and water-like leadership

The Dragons Businessclub was welcomed by dragons and live music at the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam.

Dragons Businessclub

We celebrated the Year of the Monkey. This is also the time of the year that we announce the Dragons Business award. It is our yearly ritual. This award is designated to members of the Dragons Businessclub that has seen significant growth in Chinese-Dutch business. Last year’s winner Jacco Bouw of Webpower announced this year’s winner: 1421 Consulting Group. They help companies who are looking to start their business in China. For instance, by their office facilitation. Michael Pronk, one of the founding partners of 1421 Consulting Group accepted the award: “I had to prepare for the possibility of giving a speech. The Dragons Businessclub told me, just say something inspiring. But as a service provider we don’t just want to inspire, we want to assist and contribute to establishing and growing Chinese-Dutch relationships. Just like the other two nominees. This award is really for all our people who do all the hard work in Beijing and Shenzhen. I accept this award on behalf of them.”

From left to right: Jacco Bouw (Webpower), Michael Pronk (1421 Consulting Group), Atom Zhou (Dragons Businessclub)

Our other two nominees were China Inroads and International Performing Arts.

Left: Dorrit Sliepen (China Inroads).

Right: Uling Hu (Dragons Businessclub)

Left: Felicitas Speth von Schulzburg (International Performing Arts).
Right: Uling Hu (Dragons Businessclub)

This evening we also enjoyed an interesting tour of the building of the Royal Tropical Institute. Interesting, not just because of the beautiful building, even more due to the enthusiastic guide, who could even make the door handles of the building very exciting.

Dragons Businessclub

We learnt a lot about the connection with the colonial history of the Netherlands. The entire building is full with decorative features and symbols that refer to different cultures of the world. Next, China expert Dr. Wendong Deng of KIT Intercultural Professionals shared his insights about Chinese leadership styles. He talked for instance about how mismatching of Chinese leadership styles towards their Western employees can occur. He also explained the water-like leadership style, which has attributes such as altruistic, modest, flexible, transparent, and gentle, but persistent. The changes from a new generation perspective were discussed as well. A transition from an authoritarian and controlling style to a participative or empowering leadership style. Which is of course, not that different from what happens in the Netherlands. The key take-away? Although there are guidelines for understanding the leadership styles in China, it is important to look at the whole context. Or as Dr. Wendong Deng phrased it: “You have to smell what is in the air”!

Dr. Wendong Deng (KIT Intercultural Professionals)

Selection slides Chinese Leadership Presentation

After our members had enjoyed their Chinese food, talked something more about the workshop, and met new people, everybody left with a Hong Bao 红包. A red envelope and a warm goodbye with the wish of “Double Happiness”. On a personal note, I was really “double” happy, when I arrived home and found two chocolates in the Hong Bao. Chinese tradition, with a Dutch twist.

By Marleen Spijkman

Pictures taken by Michael Tsang

View all pictures here.


Read more about our members:

From left to right, volunteers of the Dragons Businessclub together with KIT Intercultural Professionals: Georgina Li, Yuyo Tsen, Atom Zhou, Uling Hu, May Wu, Bart van Luijn (KIT Intercultural Professionals) Nga Yau Wong, Marleen Spijkman, Marike Schilderman (KIT Intercultural Professionals)



Asian Art & Antiques Salon: Explore business in Art & Antiques


The interest of Chinese and European collectors in Chinese arts and antiques has been growing tremendously in recent years, and this trend is witnessed by many western arts auction houses such as the Venduehuis in The Hague. To welcome its Spring collection 2015 which takes place in the last week of April, the Venduehuis and Dragons Businessclub co-organized the Asian Art & Antiques Salon on 22 April 2015 in The Hague.

View the pictures here.

Chinese market
The salon attracted not only frequent visitors to the Venduehuis, but also many Dragons Businessclub’s members and relations. The evening was opened by Mr. Chang Wong, host of the day and former chairman of Dragons Businessclub. Mr. Peter Meefout, managing director of the Venduehuis, shared with guests how the Venduehuis has been marketing itself in the Chinese market by multiple means such as Chinese newspaper, Chinese auction sites and promotional materials in the Chinese language. Mr. Atom Zhou, chairman of Dragons Businessclub then introduced Dragons Businessclub to the audiences and gave his gratitude to the event organizing team.

Art, culture and tradition
The vice-mayor of the Municipality of The Hague, Mr. Karsten Klein, emphasized the growing relation between China and The Hague. Seeing its international and integrated environment with a large Chinese community, The Hague has become home to many Chinese companies. From his recent trip to China, Mr. Klein noticed Chinese people’s interest in art, culture and tradition, and he believes Chinese investors will find all these elements in the city of The Hague.

Chinese porcelain
Furthermore, Mr. Peter Buurman, auctioneer of the Venduehuis and expert in Chinese porcelain, highlighted the day by telling the story of Chinese porcelain in Europe. Regardless the first documented record by Marco Polo in the 13th century, porcelain was only brought to Europe in large scale by the Portuguese in the 16th century. Since the 17th century the Dutch East India Company (VOC) started to trade porcelain from Asia back to Europe. It became so popular in Europe that pottery factories in Delft started to imitate the Chinese porcelain work and resulted in a large production of Delftware. Mr. Buurman also showed the audience the comparison between authentic Chinese porcelain and its Delft duplicate.

Guided tour
The presentation was followed by an interesting guided tour in the auction hall. The hall was filled up with classic and modern paintings, Chinese and Dutch porcelains, Asian jewellery, silver cutleries, glassware, antique furniture and designer items. Five experts from the Venduehuis, including Mr. Buurman himself, led groups of guests walk through the Spring collection, with particular emphasis on the most collectable items.
Dinner buffet was opened by Mr. Karsten Klein, Mr. Peter Meefout and Mr. Atom Zhou right after the tour. Guests enjoyed the delicious Chinese food accompanied by live Guzheng music. The evening was closed after a very pleasant lucky draw.

Our sincere gratitude goes to the Venduehuis for co-organizing this unique event. Special thanks go to our lucky draw prize sponsors, including Venduehuis, flowershop ‘Geschikt Groen Geschikt’, mobile provider ‘88 Mobile’, restaurant ‘De Gouden Wok’ and lunch restaurant ‘t Hof van Eten’.

By May Wu (pictures by Yixiao Shi)