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Dragons Businessclub Chinese New Year Event 2018


Dragons Businessclub Chinese New Year Event 2018 新春招待会

Thursday 22 February 2018 – Starting at 17:00

Venue: Nyenrode Business Universiteit, Straatweg 25, 3621 BG Breukelen



Xin Nian Kuai Le 新年快乐!

Happy Chinese New Year! Dragons Businessclub would like to cordially invite you to our Chinese New Year event in the historic castle at Nyenrode Business Universiteit.

2018 is the Chinese Year of the Earth Dog (狗年), symbolizing persistent, meticulously attentive, and good fortune in wealth. This year we will celebrate the Chinese New Year in the 13th century historic castle in the unique Nijenrode Estate, home to Nyenrode Business Universiteit. Members and guests of the Dragons Businessclub will have the opportunity to socialize with the Asian students from Nyenrode master program. The China specialist, Professor Haico Ebbers from Nyenrode Business Universiteit will give a presentation about China’s rebalancing process. A Chinese dinner buffet and informal networking will follow his presentation.



17:00 Registration
17:15 Informal networking with Asian students from Nyenrode master program
17:50 Lion dance performance
18:00 Welcome by Dragons Businessclub
18:05 Presentation by Professor Ebbers: Is China’s Rebalancing Process On Track?
18:45 Dinner buffet
19:30 Lucky draw
19:40 Informal networking
21:30 Closing


Nyenrode Business Universiteit

Nyenrode Business Universiteit is one of the top business universities in the Netherlands, founded in 1946 by business and for business. This means that, besides knowledge, practical relevance is another important factor in everything they do in the field of education and research. Located inside the Nijenrode Estate, Nyenrode has traditionally been internationally oriented. The Nijenrode Estate, bordered by the Vecht River and the Amsterdam-Rhine Canel, is famous for its beautiful landscape with parks, a maze, gardens and centuries-old chestnut trees.


Prof. dr. Haico Ebbers

Prof. Dr. Haico Ebbers is Professor of International Economics at Nyenrode Business Universiteit in The Netherlands. In his lectures, the emphasis is on the way economic transitions in many parts of the world will (re)shape the international landscape of companies and governments. He focuses on the rebalancing process that is happening in China and the China strategy of Western companies as reaction on this. He is considered as one of the key China specialists in the Netherlands and well-known for his contributions in the discussion related to China in the Dutch media. In his latest publications the focus is specifically on China’s integration in the World economy, in particular its relationship with the EU; through trade, investments and short term capital flows.


Up to 2007, the Chinese growth strategy resulted in economic success but at the same time in many imbalances. Today, it is clear that the problem is no longer how to achieve growth but how to manage the growth’s consequences. Step by step, the focus changed towards social goals in order to develop an inclusive society and to further modernize the economy. The key question is how actual implementation is happening.


  • Complimentary entry for members of Dragons Businessclub
  • Member of VNC & Guanxi : € 42,50 per person
  • Non-members: € 50,- per person
  • Without registration in advance: € 65, – per person at the door


Registration in advance is required! To attend this Chinese New Year event, please kindly register in advance before 19th February 2018 (6 pm). To register, please click the button below:dbc_register-button 

In case you have registered but cannot attend, please let us know via email before 19th February 2018 (6 pm). If you cancel your registration after this date or if you have not notified us that you are not able to attend this event before deadline, we will charge you for incurred costs of € 50, – per person. 


Nyenrode Business University, Straatweg 25, 3621 BG Breukelen


Accessibility & Parking
There are more than 1000 free parking spaces on the estate. The closest parking to the venue is located immediately on the left side after the main entrance of the university.
We look forward to welcoming you on 22th of February in Breukelen!


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