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Event Report: Chinese New Year Event 2017

Gong Xi Fai Cai! Happy Chinese New Year! Dragons Businessclub and its members together celebrated the year of Rooster with a unique event at the Museum Jan van der Togt on 26th January, 2017. This year Dragons Businessclub jointly organized the event with Amsterdam Inbusiness, Oooit Art Consultancy and Museum Jan van der Togt. With the exhibition of 9 young award-winning Chinese artists from China, our members and relations enjoyed a night at the beautiful museum filled with modern and contemporary arts.

CNYEventPicture 1(Exhibition from the Chinese artists, left: Zhai Xuanhong, right: Zhang Zhaoying)

The event kicked off with a warm greeting from Mr. Igor Nuijten, secretary of Dragons Businessclub and an interesting speech about how the Museum Jan van der Togt was founded by Mrs. Heleen van Ketwich Verschuur, Director of Museum Jan van der Togt.
CNYEventPicture 2

1st photo from the left, showing artists creating their art pieces at the Museum in the past; the next photo is a masterpiece piece of painting from the museum. (Both photos provided by Museum Jan van der Togt)CNYEventPicture 3

Following the opening speech from Deputy Mayor Ms. Maaike Veeningen from the Municipality of Amstelveen, the traditional Chinese Lion Dance performance marked the celebration of Chinese New Year and brought everyone the good fortune and happiness for the year ahead. 

CNYEventPicture 4

During the lion dance performance, some of the guests noticed the lion was literally eating the lettuce. We can tell you some interesting facts about the Lion Dance: the different colors of the lions are used to signify the age and character of the lions. The lion with golden yellow fur is considered as the middle child and the movement of these lions is fast like a young child or a headstrong teenager in whom it represents energetic and ready for motion. The lions would also perform the traditional custom of “cai qing” (採青), literally meaning “plucking the greens”, whereby the lion plucks the auspicious green vegetables e.g. lettuce, and spits it out in which this action is believed to bring good luck and fortune to the business.CNYEventPicture 5

During the presentation of Ms. Selena Yang, Founder of Oooit Art Consultancy, concept of the whole exhibition was being further explained. Ms. Yang also shared some interesting stories from the young artists on how the artists perceived experiences in the Netherlands and derived the ideas into their artworks.

Special thanks go to the Founder of Oooit Art Consultancy, Ms. Selena Yang and the Director of Museum Jan van der Togt , Mrs. Heleen van Ketwich Verschuur, for providing such special exhibition and location for the event. The festive event ended with great arts, new friendship and lucky draws.

CNYEventPicture 6

Dragons Businessclub is a platform created to build Chinese & Dutch business relations and networks, through cultural projects, seminars and company visits. Our purpose is to create opportunities for our members and relations to expand their business networks in a wide diversity. Last but not the least, Dragons Businessclub wishes everyone a happy and wealthy year of Rooster!

Article written by Polly Lam
Photos taken by Michael Tsang
View all photos HERE

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