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Event Report: Christmas Charity Event

Dragons Businessclub annual Christmas Charity Event
Celebrating 10th anniversary of Dragons Businessclub

On 16 December 2016, Dragons Businessclub organized its annual Christmas Charity Event at Van der valk hotel Breukelen, located in a gracious Chinese old Qing-Dynasty style building. On this special day, Dragons Businessclub also celebrated its 10th anniversary, together with more than 100 guests from both China and the Netherlands, combining with a 4-course luxurious dinner and cocktail party.
The event was opened by Mr. Atom Zhou, chairman of Dragons Businessclub, accompanied by the beautiful violin music performed by String Cats, a Dutch band of violin players. Mr. Zhou was delighted to welcome two special guests Mr. Pieter de Groene, the Deputy Mayor and Alderman of municipality of Stichtse Vecht as well as Mr. Henk Kool, chairman of Vereniging Nederland China (VNC), whom is also one of the witnesses for the establishment of Dragons Businessclub.

Dragons in the past 10 years
A short presentation of Dragons’ history provided the guests with some background information over the development of it in the past 10 years. In 2006, Dragons Businessclub was established by a group of 2nd and 3rd generation of Chinese who have been fully integrated in the Dutch society and are still closely connected to their roots, i.e. China. Through organising different business events, seminars, workshops and company visits periodically, Dragons Businessclub has been growing with its members and volunteers, whom are interested in information sharing, match making and networking. Today, Dragons Businessclub is one of the largest Chinese business platforms in the Netherlands and plays an important role in promoting business co-operations and cultural exchanges between China and the Netherlands.


The presentation was closed by various wishes and expectations from Dragons’ members and contacts. The achievements of Dragons Businessclub in bridging Chinese and Dutch in the past years are greatly appreciated by the Dragons’ members. The members also have confidence that Dragons will continue its development and keep on contributing to the collaboration between Chinese and Dutch communities on both economic and cultural perspectives.

Live music performance
To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Dragons Businessclub also invited various musicians to provide the guests with special live performances. Amongst others, a Chinese classic song from Ms. Lico Lee, a Europe Phoenix Chinese Singer, complemented a relaxing evening with flavourful dessert and tasty drinks. This evening was also a great time for Jazz lovers, who could enjoy the performance by the Jazz Focus Big Band conducted by Mr. Peter Guidi, which the band consists of a group of young Jazz musicians.


From Care4Tina to Sunbeam Children’s Foundation
Dragons Businessclub has a tradition of raising charity funds during its annual Christmas event. In 2015, Dragons Businessclub helped Care4Tina foundation to raise charity funds for Children with a double cleft palate by means of auction and lottery selling. In this year, Dragons Businessclub is helping the fund raising activity for Sunbeam Children’s Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to providing accommodations, education, health care and career guidance to orphans and disadvantaged children in Guangdong, China.

Up to today, Sunbeam Children’s Foundation has been home to more than 200 young children, who have grown into healthy, thriving and happy young adults and obtained opportunities to enter the workforce. All the funds collected in lottery selling and charity auction at the night were fully donated to the Sunbeam Children’s foundation. At the end of the event, Dragons Businessclub succeeded in raising an amount of EUR 6,088.00- for the foundation.

Dragons Businessclub thanks all the sponsors and volunteers for their participation in the event and wishes everyone a great New Year ahead!


Christmas Charity Event at Breukelen 2016 Photos

View all pictures from the event here.

Event Report: Dragons Businessclub Beer Tasting Event at Jopen Haarlem


By: Jiaying Li

Dragons Businessclub organised a special tasting event to highlight the historical beer brand Jopen at its brewery in Waarderpolder industrial park of Haarlem. Approximately 40 guests attended the event to learn from the brewery tour, enjoy authentic Jopen beers, and share insights on how to bring Dutch beer to China.

Brewing Tradition of Haarlem and Reborn of Jopen
Haarlem’s rich brewing tradition dates back to the 14th century. “Jopen” was the name to represent successful Haarlem beer at a large commercial scale at that time when 112 liter wooden barrels were shipped worldwide. Due to the drop of beer consuming, however, the last brewery of Haarlem had to close its doors in 1916.dbc-jopen-beer-small-20

A group of local beer lovers decided to reshape Jopen brand in 1994 to recover Haarlem’s brewing tradition. The proposal won the favour of city government, which allowed them to transform the historic Jacob’s church into a fully operational brewery, cafe and restaurant. 20 years later, Jopen opened a second brewery in Waarderpolder and owns a wide variety of craft beers with a unique story, original brewing process and often surprising ingredients.

Jopen to Expand into the Chinese Market
Erwin Klijn, Jopen’s export manager, excitedly mentioned the next step of bringing Jopen beer to the Chinese market in his presentation. Our event guests being experts in Sino-Dutch business discussed the potentials and challenges based on their own background.

“China is a giant market for beer consumers, but not an easy one to enter. We are confident of the Jopen brand and quality, whilst we still need to consider the competition of Chinese local brands such as Qingdao, Snow and Yanjing,” said Erwin.dbc-jopen-beer-small-42Another brand expert Lu Chen gave her presentation of how tobring Dutch design to China. She mentioned different western brands that have entered the Chinese market during the past 20 years, meanwhile highlighted the reborn of Chinese brands. The presentation was followed by an interesting discussion of Chinese consumers’ behavior among the guests.

The brewery tour, guided by Jopen staff, sparkled the night as guests witnessed how a bottle of Jopen beer was made through the brewing process. It includes eight steps, that is, gristing, mashing, lautering, boiling, cooling, fermentation, layering and racking.


All guests were satisfied with the authentic beer tasting, insightful idea exchange of Sino-Dutch business and a delicious dinner buffet by the end of the night. Looking forward to the next Dragons Businessclub Christmas Charity Event on December 16th, 2016 when we are also celebrating our 10th anniversary!

You can have a look at the photos of the event here, made by Yixiao Shi.