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Christmas Charity Event 2014

Dutch-Chinese business networking shoulder to shoulder with corporate social responsibility

Cheque dec 2014

Photo: Mr. Chan of Chun Pah Foundation receives the cheque by Mr. Zhou of Dragons Businessclub.

Dragons Businessclub organized it’s yearly Christmas Charity Event at the exclusive 17th century landmark in Rotterdam, het ‘Schielandshuis’ on December 12, 2014. More than 125 participants with a warm heart towards corporate social responsibility contributed to the energetic atmosphere of this event. Mr. Atom Zhou, chairman of the Dragons Businessclub, welcomed all guests, especially Mr. Liu Chun, general counsellor, and Mr. Jiang Hua, counsellor of the Chinese Embassy. He presented the charity purpose of 2015, the Chun Pah Foundation in the Netherlands fostering inclusiveness of the Chinese senior generation by keeping elderly out of isolation with social activities. To continue Mr. Chang Wong, one of the founding fathers of the Dragons Businessclub, announced the accession of former deputy mayor Mr. Henk Kool of the City of The Hague to the Committee of Recommendation for the Dragons Businessclub. View the pictures here.

Growing trade relations
Mr. Jochum Haakma, Chairman of the Committee of Recommendation for the Dragons Businessclub, proceeded with a speech about the growing trade relations between China and the Netherlands. The Nuclear summit in the Netherlands marked the first official visit of Mr. Xi Jinping, President of China, with for example a match making event enabling the closure of many business contracts. Moreover he underlined the major accomplishments, high level of self-sufficiency and smooth integration of the Chinese society obtained in the Netherlands with 100 years of history. Therefore, Mr. Haakma supports the Chun Pah Foundation and used the scots pine tree as a symbol of ‘evergreen’ development of the Chinese Dutch society.

Presentation China today: Growth or Crisis?
Mr. Peter Ho, Chair professor in Chinese Economy and Development at the Delft University of Technology, presented some interesting developments, perceptions and paradoxes about China as an influential economic country. Think about the consequences of economic reforms in the situation of imbalanced political reforms, misunderstanding created by the ‘snapshot’ syndrome, or the ‘euphoria’ disease. Euphoria disease type 1  with China being the saviour of the Euro crisis, and type 2 also called the ‘yellow peril fever’, with a debate about symptoms of a potential real estate bubble. To conclude, professor Ho also shared three recommendations to remember. Firstly everything you believe about China can be true and untrue due to the great differences. Secondly, prepare well, do not assume you know China. And finally, Knowing yourself is the key to success in China.

Live music
During the network dinner Ms. BaoBao Lin, ‘the Shanghainese Diva with the golden voice’, brought us to ‘Old Shanghai’ with her Jazz and Chinese folklore music. Also Mr. Yuan Wei, a talented young pianist, performed his piano repertoire.

Morning Tears Foundation
Ms. Wilma Huijskes, boardmember of the Alliance for the Morning Tears Foundation, presented the use of last year’s proceeds with great gratitude. The proceeds of €8,305.- enabled the therapeutic project at the Fuyiwan House in Zhengzhou, China. The Fuyiwan House is a sustainable pilot model centre uniting European universities and childcare institutions in the benefit of vulnerable Chinese children of for example prisoners. Intellectual and sensorial development, health and social inclusiveness are key to increase awareness  of the children on larger issues and help them to be part of the world with self-confidence. Currently the Fuyiwan pilot houses around 120 children per year and it has the capacity to inspire many more children in the future. Morning Tears invited the members of the Dragons Businessclub to the official opening ceremony of the Fuyiwan House in China in the presence of the Belgium King and Queen.

Chun Pah Foundation
Ms. Lily Li of the Chun Pah Foundation elaborated the ‘Home visiting’ project of the Chun Pah Foundation. For approximately €25.- two to three volunteers can organise one ‘home visit’ giving the Chinese elderly people attention, a small gift and when necessary a helping hand. This project runs 100% on volunteers, gifts and donations without government subsidies.  More than 2,000 volunteers in the Netherlands are active for the Chun Pah Foundation, showing their effort and respect for the senior ‘family members’ in the Dutch society. The foundation aspires to realize 500 home visits in 2015, amongst other activities to keep the Chinese elderly out of isolation. The lottery and auction raised a valuable amount of €8.006,- for the Chun Pah Foundation. Mr. Chan, chairman of the Chun Pah Foundation for The Hague region with an age of 64, received the cheque of €8,006.- with great gratitude.

‘Fragrance always clings to the hand that gives roses’ – a Chinese saying.
We are grateful to all the participants, sponsors and donors, who enabled the Christmas Charity Event in 2014. Especially our main partners: Cathay Pacific Airways, Nederlands Express and Cathay Travel Service. We are also grateful to our sponsors and donors: Brandwijk, Bender & Partners, 88 Mobile, MPR Accountants, Everaert Advocaten, Moneygram, GoGoDutch, Incentive Europe, Apollo Hotels & Resorts, Asian Tower, Park Restaurant Rotterdam, Visa2China, Pudu Health Centre, Jade House Jewellery, U-Steam, restaurant Grand Garden, Anja Berkers Arts and floating restaurant Sea Palace.

Next event: Chinese New Years Celebration on the 24th of February 2015
Do you want to get inspired? Dragons Businessclub invites you to the Chinese New Year’s Event on February 24, 2015 at the Crowne Plaza hotel in The Hague. The winner of the Dragons Businessclub Award 2015 will also be revealed during this event. More information will soon be available on this website. Members and business relations of Dragons Businessclub will receive an invitation for this event.

By Wanny Chan

Social media: Key to success in doing business in China?

Foto Dragons Cafe 5 nov 2014

Dragons Businessclub organized a dynamic Dragons Cafe event at the floating Chinese restaurant Sea Palace in Amsterdam. Many participants attended the event on the 5th of November 2014. Mr. Atom Zhou, chairman of the Dragons Businessclub started to present a few new board members: Ms. Uling Hu (events), Ms. Nga Yau Wong (editorial), Mr. Igor Nuijten (secretary), Ms. Jessie Mo (finance) and May Wu (PR & volunteers), strengthing the volunteer network of Dragons Businessclub. View the pictures here.

The Dragons Cafe continued with two presentations from Mr. Jacco Bouw, Ceo of Webpower, Mr, Ming Luo, founder and managing partner of GogoDutch. Mr. Bouw elaborated on interesting opportunities in China concerning the channel shift of marketing instruments towards social media. Mr. Luo highlighted the massive impact of social media, in terms of exposure, revenues and brand value.

Mr. Marc de Roo, Ceo and brand strategy director of Link Design and Mr. Hong Tong Wu, founder of the Chinese Radio & Television in the Netherlands and specialist on extreme events, joined the presenters for a lively panel discussion. Have you heard of Alibaba, O2O (Online to Offline), Weibo, B2C, ‘screen pollution’, WeChat, O2M (One to Many), T-mall, ‘phone as an organ’, Taobao, B2B, ‘daily exposure of 3000+ social media messages’, storytelling to make it ‘sticky’, aka ‘stick to your mind’. It was inspiring and unforgettable. The plenary session proceeded with interesting discussions and networking accompanied by good Chinese food.

The growth of online platforms and the increasing use of social media provide tremendous business opportunities in China with one language and one large market. Don’t be overwhelmed by social media, because a good product or interesting activity is still the base for the usage of marketing instruments as social media. ‘Small minds are concerned with the extraordinary, great minds with the ordinary.’ by Blaise Pascal.

Do you want to get inspired? Dragons Businessclub invites you to the exclusive Christmas Charity Event on December 12, 2014 held at the Schielandshuis, an unique landmark in Rotterdam. More information will soon be available on this website.

By Wanny Chan

Connecting China Event on KLM Open

Group picture
On sunny Sunday 14th September Dragons Businessclub successfully co-hosted the Connecting China Event with KLM and the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands on the KLM Open Golf Tournament in Zandvoort.

Mr. Harm Kreulen, senior vice president Benelux Air France KLM, started the event with a warm welcome to the guests. Subsequently Mayor of Zandvoort, Mr. Niek Meijer, gave the audience an interesting introduction about his city Zandvoort and Mr. Pieter Elbers, Deputy CEO of KLM spoke about the 8 KLM destinations in China.
View the pictures here.

After these speeches the three co-hosts presented their propositions on doing business with China. KLM kicked off with its presentation of its BlueBiz programme for the frequent business traveller. Specifically for expanding business networks KLM has introduced Club China, an online global business community that offers content about business cases and valuable contacts.

Mr. George Ammerlaan, chairman of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands, and Mr. Chang Wong, former chairman and ambassador of Dragons Businessclub, gave insights on China business. Mr. Ammerlaan emphasised the importance of Hong Kong as gateway to mainland China and Mr. Wong showed how Dragons Businessclub is a great value in connecting Dutch and Chinese entrepreneurs through its annual 6 events in the Netherlands.

Ms. Bettine Vriesekoop, former European champion table tennis player and writer, shared her experiences in China during her training camps back in the eighties of last century. She also has presented an overview of historical and modern sports in China.  Mr. Henry Jin, HR Director of Cargill Refined Oils Europe, closed the overall interesting presentations by explaining how you can grow your business with Chinese talents.

The presentations were followed by a traditional lucky draw. Three lucky winners received their prizes: an IPad Air, a sports watch and two flight tickets to any KLM destination in China. Besides these lucky winners golfer Andy Sullivan was also very lucky. On the last day of the golf tournament he has hit a ‘hole in one’ and won a very special prize: a trip into space!
After the presentations there was plenty opportunity for networking, accompanied by drinks and finger food.

By Nga Yau Wong