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Spring Seminar Schouten Global

Joint seminar was a big success with many participants

Publiek seminarThe joint seminar ‘How to be successful in China business with Intercultural Communication and Conflict Management?’ of Schouten Global and Dragons Businessclub on 18 April at the training centre of Schouten Global in Zaltbommel was a huge success!

Almost 100 Chinese and Dutch entrepreneurs and professionals attended this seminar and both organizations received many positive feedback from the participants.The organizers expected in advance a smaller number of participants and this number exceeded their expectations.

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Guest speakers
Several Dutch and Chinese guest speakers shared their experiences regarding intercultural communication and conflict management:

– mr. Angelo Bul, general manager of ZTE Netherlands BV for KPN Business; a Dutch manager at a Chinese company;
– mr. Weihua Zhou, technical manager of CCIC Europe BV; a Chinese manager at a Chinese company;
– mr. Jacco Bouw, CEO of Webpower, a Dutch entrepreneur with a Dutch company in China;
– mr. Robert Schulte, professional trainer and entrepreneur of Schouten Global; a Dutch trainer in China.

These guest speakers covered each from their own perspective the following questions, such as:
How to deal with an international team of Dutch and Chinese employees? How to handle conflict issues between Dutch and Chinese business men? How to manage successfully a team of Dutch and Chinese employees in a Western business environment? How to deal with different cultural values between the East and West in China?

Chinese Embassy
Also mr. Zhang Jinxiong, general counselor of the Chinese Embassy shared his view on the Chinese and Dutch culture and he mentioned the Yin and Yang regarding both cultures and the positive bilateral economical relationships between China and the Netherlands.

Q & A and conclusion
After the presentations there was a short Q & A which was lead by Robert Schulte of Schouten Global.
The overall conclusion is to find a balance in doing business in an international environment, especially with regards for both the Dutch and Chinese cultural values and a harmonious way of dealing with intercultural communication and conflict management between the two countries.
At the end of the plenair session, Paul Mosterd, deputy director of De Nieuwe Kerk (where on 30 April the inauguration of the Dutch King Willem Alexander takes place) gave a preview of the World premiere of the unique Ming Exhibition, that will start from October this year in Amsterdam.

Lucky Draw
According to many participants it was a very interesting and useful business event with a good atmosphere. After the plenair session there was plenty of time for informal networking combined with a Chinese dinner buffet and drinks. This business event was finally closed with a Lucky Draw with several interesting prizes. Eventually ten participants won nice prizes, such as a beautiful book about successful Dutch Chinese to a training voucher worth Eur 250,- by Schouten Global. Both Schouten Global and Dragons Businessclub were very positive afterwards and they think it might be a possibility to organize a follow up event in the future.


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