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About Dragons Businessclub

Why a Chinese Business Club?

The Dragons Business Club is the first Business Club targeted for both Chinese and Dutch entrepeneurs and professionals in the Netherlands who are active in the area of China-business. The language spoken in the Business Club is mainly Dutch and English. Many board members also speak Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese).

The Dragons Business Club was established because there was an urgent need amongst Chinese entrepreneurs and professionals (2nd and 3rd generation Chinese living in the Netherlands) for a business network. A business network which serves two purposes: firstly a platform to exchange knowledge and experiences and secondly to exchange and gain new contacts in the field of China-business.

The 2nd and 3rd generation Chinese are fully integrated in the Dutch society and as such they fully understand the Dutch culture. At the same time they have a strong bond with their roots, i.e. China. This group understands, as no one else, the opportunities China offers. Furthermore this group shares the same common interests to do business between the Netherlands and China.

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