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Event Report: The Dragons Businessclub and SPLENDID

SplendidBy: Cy Cheung

Dragons Businessclub began the summer with a theatrical event. The club and its members went to the Zuiderstrand Theater in The Hague. We were welcomed by Mr. Yang Xiaolong, director of the Cultural Section of the Chinese Embassy, and Mr. Ronald Koster, representative of the municipality of The Hague. We were pleasantly amused by some business-related anecdotes of both gentlemen. Then we have learnt that a business in the cultural industry is not always lucrative, but that most lucrative companies have some degree of business related to culture.

Following these interesting speeches we were drawn in a vivid conversation between Henk Scholten, director of Zuiderstrand Theater, and Alex Kan, director of a logistics company, which was moderated by Marleen Spijkman. They told the story of how SPLENDID made premiere in the Netherlands. Henk Scholten confirmed that a lucrative cultural industry is not easy and in order to invite great shows to the your theater it is necessary to collaborate with a partner who is willing to share the risks. He met his partner Alex Kan not unsurprisingly at Dragons Businessclub. The international interim agency of Felicitas Speth von Schülzburg (International Performing Arts) played an indispensable role in bringing the two men together in their business. The mixture of an excellent network and good networking skills and a splash of business serendipity was enough to seal the cooperation.

The programme ended with a walking dinner organised by Umami by Han. Several culinary dishes with a hint of Chinese tongue were served in a Michelin star-like way designed by Mr. Han, a chef awarded with a actual Michelin star. The walking dinner felt a bit unusual, but also felt fit at the same time for an evening with theatre, culture and open bar. Last but not least, we also got a preview from one of members of the acrobatic troupe, showing us a glimpse of what we could expect during the show.

Then at 20:00 the SPLENDID show started and the audience could witness the agility, strength and courage of tens of acrobats, that took form in spectacular and award-wining acts. A show that wasn’t worth missing.

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