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Christmas Charity Event at Madurodam

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Two weeks before Christmas, the Dragons Businessclub hosted its annual-held Christmas Charity Event in Madurodam in The Hague, one of the most famous miniature parks in the world. We welcomed more than 120 guests. Together with the guests, we supported the Dutch charity foundation Care4Tina. This foundation helps Chinese children who have cleft lips in the city of Xi’an to get proper surgery, treatment as well as aftercare.

View the pictures here.

Fast growth Chinese business community

The evening started with an introduction about Care4Tina by Mr. Atom Zhou the chairman of Dragons Businessclub. Then, Mr. Karsten Klein, vice-mayor of the City of The Hague, shared his knowledge about the development of the Chinese business community in The Hague. There is a fast growth of the Chinese business community; more than 60 Chinese companies have set up their European headquarters in The Hague. This includes both small medium sized companies and multinationals such as Huawei and ZTE.

Economic developments outlook China 2016

Mr. Dr. Hein Roelfsema, associate professor of International Entrepreneurship at the University of Utrecht, presented a picture regarding the Chinese economic developments in 2016. In the past year, the Chinese economy was not as optimistic as people had expected. The stock market performed poorly, manufacturing shrank and GDP growth slowed down. Yet the Chinese economy will not stop growing, it is in a transition. This transition will be shaped by a growing number of Chinese entrepreneurs and the expansion of private innovative sectors.


We ended the evening with a lottery and auction. More than 1,500 lottery tickets were sold and a lot of money was raised by the auction. Together we collected € 6,170,- for the Care4Tina charity foundation. The charity foundation Care4Tina was founded in October 2009 by two warm-hearted Dutch women, Ms. Elise Niels and Ms. Tineke Mast. It started by supporting little Tina, a Chinese orphaned baby who was born with a double cleft palate. Tina became a symbol for young Chinese children with cleft lips in need of medical help. Care4Tina continually offers such kind of help. Until now, more than 220 young children in Xi’an, China, have received operations and treatment from Care4Tina and hence started a different life with more future perspectives.

Dragons Businessclub wishes all her members, relationships and Care4Tina a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

By Wenqing Liao (Pictures by Michael Tsang)

Event report: Dragons Businessclub enters the trading floor

This Autumn Dragons Businessclub had the honor to hold an event at a very historical place in Amsterdam. We met our members at the Amsterdam Exchange. This is the first and oldest stock market in the world.  The Dutch East India Company (“VOC”) started here in 1602.

View the pictures here.

Guided tour: Amsterdam Exchange Experience

To give our guests a first-hand experience of the world’s first stock market, a guided tour was provided. When guests entered the trading floor, the impressive look of the scenes behind the Amsterdam Exchange immediately caught everyone’s attentions. The Euronext staff started the tour with a brief introduction of the more than four centuries old history of the building. Next, a visit to the exhibition room explained how the first stock market was designed and transformed over the past decades. Moreover, the tour included a unique experience where guests can interactively learn and test their skills as a trader and discover their personal risk profile. A visit to the Hall of Fame finished the exclusive tour.

The internationalization of the Renminbi

Next we started our evening event with a welcome speech by Mr. Igor Nuijten, the Secretary of Dragons Businessclub. He introduced the evening program and gave his gratitude to the audience and the event organizing team. Then Mr. Bob Gutjahr, the owner of NINO Food B.V. started his talk. He shared stories of how he started his business with baby food in Dutch supermarkets and how he seized the opportunity to extend the business to the Chinese market. During the Q&A session he explained how to deal with packaging issues and the future of e-commerce in China.

Mr. Laurens Maartens and Mr. Joost Derks, the currency experts from Dutch Payment & Exchange Company (Nederlandsche Betaal & Wissel Maatschappij NV) shared their insights on the internationalization of Renminbi. They gave a quick scan of the developments of China’s financial market, China’s economy and the currency market. They touched base on some popular discussions, such as stock market waves, the IMF reserve currency reviews and the future currency trend. In addition, Mr. Joost Derks gave a demonstration on-site of a €10.000 real-life transaction. The evening ended with a delicious Chinese buffet provided by Nam Kee restaurants and informal networking.

By Sherry Jiang (pictures by Yixiao Shi)

Save the Date – Thursday 5 November 2015 – Amsterdam Stock Exchange (AEX)

On Thursday 5 November 2015 Dragons Businessclub organises a unique event at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. The event will take place in the historic building at Beursplein 5 in Amsterdam, which normally only opens its doors for stocklisted companies.

At the AEX we will share insights regarding the internationalisation of the Chinese currency, the renminbi or yuan, and its effects to our businesses.

For early birds a guided tour in the AEX is included.Dragons Businessclub members and business contacts will receive a personal invitation with the programme.

Save the date in your agenda. We hope to welcome you on 5 November in Amsterdam!

With kind regards,

Dragons Businessclub

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