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Exclusive offer: Join Dragons Businessclub now, you will get extra 3 months free membership! 专享优惠:现在加入荷兰华人商业人才协会,享受 3 个月免费会员!

Are you eager to expand your network? Do you want to know more business professionals and entrepreneurs in a Sino-Dutch business context? Even find your partners, customers or suppliers through relaxing networking events? Come to Dragons Businessclub!

Founded in 2007, Dragons Businessclub is a platform for building Chinese & Dutch business relations and networks. We aim at bridging the gap between Chinese entrepreneurs, professionals and Dutch businesses, industries and government, meanwhile growing into a knowledge center for ‘Chinese-business’ in the Netherlands and ‘Dutch-business’ in China.

Dragons Businessclub is pleased to provide you with an exclusive membership offer!
Join us now, you pay one-year membership fee for 2019 and get additional 3 months membership for free (Oct 1 – Dec 31, 2018)!

Our membership privileges include:
– Participate in business meetings, seminars, networking events, including drinks and diners from October 2018 to December 2019;
– Get to know more Dutch, Chinese business professionals and entrepreneurs, expanding your business network;
– Exchange knowledge and experience, and obtain business insights and advice — thanks to the diverse backgrounds of our members from different business sectors;
– At some events members are allowed to invite a guest. Depending on the event, an admission fee will be charged for the guest.

Our past seminars, workshops, events have been held in museums, banks, luxurious hotels, and restaurants, where the participants could connect to each other in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Enjoy the company of diverse and like-minded friends, engage with various working professionals and entrepreneurs — join Dragons Businessclub!

This exclusive offer is valid from 1 October 2018 to 31 December 2019. Applicable to both Personal Membership and Corporate Membership. Apply by filling in the registration form and send it to

您想拓宽您的人脉圈吗?您想结识更多从事中荷贸易的商务人士和企业家吗?您想通过我们广泛的社交活动找到您的合作伙伴,客户或者供应商吗?请加入荷兰华人商业人才协会 Dragons Businessclub!
成立于 2007 年,荷兰华人商业人才协会 Dragons Businessclub 是一个中荷商务关系网络平台。我们致力于在中国企业家,商务人士与荷兰的商业界,工业界,和政府之间搭建一座坚实的桥梁。同时建立一个“中国商务贸易”在荷兰和“荷兰商务贸易”在中国的知识平台。

目前荷兰华人商业人才协会 Dragons Businessclub 正在推出一个专享会员优惠活动。如果您现在加入协会,只需支付 2019 一年的会员费,即可免费获赠 3 个月额外会员特权(2018 年 10月-12 月)。

– 在 2018 年 10 月至 2019 年 12 月期间可以参加协会举办的所有商业聚会、研讨会、社交活动,含饮品和晚餐;
– 结识更多中荷商务人士,企业家,拓展您的社交网络;
– 交流知识与经验,获取来自不同行业的商务信息与建议,融入其他会员的商务网络;
– 会员在特定活动期间可以邀请一位客人,根据活动本身的规定,客人或需支付一定入场费。

我们过去的活动大多在豪华酒店,餐厅,博物馆,和金融机构等场所举办,会员们可以在一个舒适美好又轻松的环境中进行交流探讨。与有着共同想法与不同背景的朋友为伴,结识荷兰各界商务人士和企业家 — 现在加入荷兰华人商业人才协会 Dragons Businessclub!

专享优惠有效期为 2018 年 10 月 01 日至 2019 年 12 月 31 日。个人会员和公司会员同样适用。请填写注册表格并发送至。


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