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Event report: Dragons Café- Spring Networking Event

Dragons Cafe- Spring Networking Event

By: Yidong Tao

On 4 April 2017, Dragons Businessclub organized a Dragons Café event at Eau Lounge in Rotterdam. Nearly 50 guests attended it and enjoyed a pleasant evening. Mr. Igor Nuijten, secretary of Dragons Businessclub, started the event with a warm welcome to the guests. The theme of this night was the role that Chinese talents play in the Sino-Dutch business. Three guest speakers gave presentations closely focused on the theme, and followed by a panel discussion. On this special night, the winner of the Dragons Business Award 2017 was also announced.

Presentations and Panel Discussion
Ms. Uling Hu, board member of Dragons Businessclub, hosted the presentation and panel discussion session. She first conducted a lively interactive activity with all guests. The guests expressed their agreement on the high demand for Chinese talents in the Sino-Dutch business. They also shared their own opinions and business experience.
Three guest speakers were introduced and invited to the stage. Mr. Henry Jin, business HR Leader of Cargill, shared his opinion on what kind of talents are needed in an international company, based on his 23-year HR working experience. Mr. Ming Luo, founder and managing partner of Synnray, stood from the perspective of job seekers and provided suggestions on how Chinese talents choose appropriate companies in the Netherlands. Ms. Valérie Hoeks, co-founder of China Inroads, has rich experience in supporting European companies to establish cooperation with Chinese partners. She emphasized the necessity of recruiting Chinese talents.

Following the presentation, the guest speakers and the audience continued a exciting discussion on the role of Chinese talents in the Sino-Dutch business.

Dragons Business Award 2017
Dragons Business Award is designated to a member of Dragons Businessclub who has achieved significant success in the Sino- Dutch business. This year, GIA/Jiahe Shengde stood out amongst the nominees and became the winner of the Dragons Business Award 2017. Mr. Kurt Wu, the representative from GIA/Jiahe Shengde received the award from Mr. Michael Pronk (1421 Consulting Group, winner 2016) and thanked their excellent team in his speech.

The event ended with a dinner buffet. With the attractive night view of the Maas River and the Erasmus Bridge, the guests enjoyed tasty food and wine, whilst meeting new contacts and expanding their business network.

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