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Taste the divine Jopen beer and visit the Brewery with Dragons Businessclub – 2 November


Wednesday 2 November 2016 at 17.00 h – Jopen Proeflokaal Waarderpolder  

Dear Dragons Businessclub members and relations,

Dragons Businessclub cordially invite you to our network event in Jopen Proeflokaal Waarderpolder Haarlem. Jopen Beer has a very long history of brewing beer in Haarlem and has expanded to China. The export manager of Jopen Beer, Mr. Erwin Klijn, will tell us about the history of the beer, the brewery process and Jopen’s activities. Mrs. Lu Chen, General Manager China of the award-winning design agency dBod/VBAT knows how to build a succesful design bridge between the creative world in the West and modern Chinese market and will give her insights on that.

After the presentations you can visit the Jopen Brewery with a guide (limited seating). We offer 2 shifts of approx. 30 minutes each.

During the event there will be plenty of time to network, to taste the divine Jopen beer and to have a nice dinner before heading home again.


17:00 Registration
17:30 Welcome by Mr. Atom Zhou, Chairman of Dragons Businessclub
17:35 Presentation by Jopen Export Manager Mr. Erwin Klijn
18:00 Tasting moment: Taste the Autumn Season with a glass of Jopen Bokbier
18:15 Presentation by Mrs. Lu Chen, General Manager China at dBOD/VBAT
18:45 Drinks and bites
Start guided tours in the Jopen Brewery
19:45 Lucky draw
20:00 Dinner buffet
21:15 Carriages

Admission: registration in advance is required!

Members of Dragons Businessclub: complimentary

Members of Guanxi or VNC: € 38.25 (15% discount)
Non-members: € 45.- per person
Without registration in advance: € 55.- per person at the door

In case you have registered but cannot attend, please let us know via e-mail ultimately on 30 October 2016. If you cancel your registration after this date or if you have not notified us that you are not able to attend this event before that date, we will charge you for incurred costs of € 55.- per person.


To attend the Dragons Businessclub Jopen Brewery Event, please register in advance before 30 October via this link.

Address, parking facilities and public transport
The address of Jopen Proeflokaal Waarderpolder is Emrikweg 21, 2031 BT Haarlem. There are sufficient parking spaces around the venue. Please note that public transport to and from the venue is limited, specifically in the evening hours. We recommend you to order a taxi to the trainstation after the event.

We look forward to welcoming you in the Jopen Brewery on 2 November!

With warm regards,
Dragons Businessclub

Event Report: Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

dbc-moon-festival-bijenkorf-95The Mid-Autumn day is a traditional Chinese festival held on the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar Calendar. It is the day when the moon turns into its fullest and completest status, representing reunions of family members and old friends. In The Hague, Dragons businessclub hosted its Mid-Autumn celebration in De Bijenkorf, located at the heart of the city, around the neighborhoods of The Hague China Town. Decorated with the fragrance of flowers and bright red lanterns, the newly opened De Bijenkorf restaurant welcomed around one hundred people, enjoying the moment of being connected at this special evening.

The celebration was opened by welcome speeches of Mr. Atom Zhou, the Chairman of Dragons Businessclub and Mr. Ronald Luyben, the store manager of De Bijenkorf The Hague. Special thanks were granted to Mr. Boudewijn Revis, the Alderman of Municipality of The Hague, who provided the audience with updates over the cooperation between China and The city of Hague in the last decade. Apart from delicious food and tasty wine, interesting programs were scheduled in order to bring unique and pleasant memories to all the participants.

dbc-moon-festival-bijenkorf-mou-1Signing Ceremony of MOU between Dragons Businessclub and China Network Guanxi
Dragons Businessclub and China Network Guanxi, another active business platform connecting Chinese and Dutch enterprises, have entered into a collaboration to organize events together and have agreed that the members of both organisations can participate each other’s events with a discount. Ms. Joke Bruynzeel, the secretary of China Network Guanxi, was invited to sign a Memorandum of Understanding on behalf Guanxi with Dragons Businessclub.


Traditions about Chinese Mid-Autumn culture

Making Mooncake
A special workshop was organized, where attendees could learn how to make mooncakes using different cake molds under the guidance of Ms. Shasha Liu, the founder of Chinese Kookworkshop. Mooncakes are traditional Chinese pastries, symbolizing a round moon and a unified family. As mentioned by Shasha, there are hundreds of different types of mooncakes with the combination of various ingredients, modes and baking processes. In addition to making mooncakes themselves attendees also had the chance to taste the mooncakes, all prepared by Shasha and her family before the Mid-Autumn Day.dbc-moon-festival-bijenkorf-47dbc-moon-festival-bijenkorf-workshop

Chinese traditional calligraphy
China has a long tradition of calligraphy, which has been considered not only as a means of self-expression, but also as a form of visual art created by ink, brush, bamboo paper and dance of hands. Calligraphy is used in all kinds of Chinese festivals and big ceremonies, where the best wishes of people can be depicted by written scripts. Ms. Julie O’Yang, a novelist and visual artist living in Copenhagen, was invited to present this traditional art to the audience by referring to old Chinese poems appraising the Moon. This is also an interesting tutorial, following which invitees were able to learn to write their names in Chinese characters.

dbc-moon-festival-bijenkorf-callLegend of Autumn Festival and the traditions in Xiamen
Dragons Businessclub was delighted to invite Ms. Yue Yin, the General Manager of Xiamen Airline to give the audience some background of the Autumn Festival, which has been inspired by a Chinese folklore tale in connection with the story of the moon goddess Chang’e. Originating from Fujian, Ms. Yin further gave the audience more information about the traditions and culture among Fujian residents for the celebration of Autumn festival, such as lighting lanterns and playing with lucky dices.dbc-moon-festival-bijenkorf-food

Lucky Draw and closing of the Event
As the sky turned darker, the celebration reached the end with a lucky draw. Warm applauses were given to the winners and sincere wishes were shared when everyone went home.

By: Wenqing Liao

You can view the photos here made by Yixiao Shi.

Mid-Autumn Festival at Bijenkorf 2016 Photos

You can view the photos here.